How to Pay Associates


It’s time to hire an associate, but you’re not sure how to pay them? Are you wondering what their base should be? Should I bonus and how do I give bonuses? In this video, Dr. Noel Lloyd covers his 3-step strategy on how to pay associates,.

How to Get Success That Lasts


An increase of over 100 patient visits, making more money, and having more fun than ever before. Dr. Steve Jones speaks to Dr. Lloyd about his increased success the past couple of years. Listen in to hear how he has made it last!.

REVEALED… Best Associate Training EVER!


  Do you want to be the best chiropractor that you can be or are you overwhelmed trying to find the best way to train your associate in reaching their fullest potential to help build both of your practices? The Associate Empowerment Project.

My FAVORITE New Patient Secret!


  Are you looking for a new way of bringing in New Patients? Well, Dr. Lloyd wants to share his favorite New Patient technique with you. Find out how you can bring in NP referrals, get your staff and patients excited, and spread.