Empower Your Associate to Succeed!


A happy clinic owner and a happy associate, what more could you ask for? Five Star’s Associate Empowerment Project with Dr. Noel Lloyd helps empower your associate to bring more patients into your office, increase your income, in a win-win framework for both.

New Patient Tools & Strategy


Do you spend zero to one hour a week on organized marketing and you are struggling to get new patients? Well, there is a relationship between these two and you can fix it with one of the best tools-a marketing calendar. A marketing.

Guaranteed New Patient Success Strategy


  The key to chiropractic success is solving the NP Problem. If you have everything else right, but NP wrong, you will struggle your entire time in practice. There are so many NP Programs out there that just don’t work or aren’t enjoyable..

Secrets of Motivating Your Group


Group dynamic is extremely powerful, not only for growth, but also success. Five Star’s Associate Empowerment Program thrives off of Dr. Noel Lloyd’s guidance, but also his ability to find each member’s best motivation. Finding that motivation, allows you to give them the right tools to.