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Imagine you are looking over your calendar with your CA and they say you’re completely booked out for the next two weeks.

Imagine knowing that when a new patient starts care they’ll be a chiropractic patient for life; committed to your care plan, and getting the best possible wellness in the process.

Imagine having a trusted, proven and reliable process for explaining your care plan to your new patients in a way that ensures they keep coming back for the duration of the plan… and imagine being able to do that in just a 3-minute conversation!

Imagine knowing the 3 main reasons patients are leaving your practice and imagine having an iron-clad, totally proven solution for each problem that not only dramatically increases your patient retention, but actually makes each patient consultation so much easier and more fulfilling for you and your patients.

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Your Bonuses

BONUS – Full 9-hours of Staff
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Your Bonuses

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Places are Limited & Going Fast

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  • We are already seeing an increase in our PVA

    Hiring Noel Lloyd and joining Five Star Management is one of the smartest things I have ever done in practice. I already had a successful multi-doctor practice, but recognized that growing competition and cut-backs in reimbursement required creative thinking and a better approach. Five Star has given me just that. The seminars are packed with information, and the coaching is fantastic. We are already seeing an increase in our PVA and our stress level is considerably less.

    - Dr. Steve Shirley, Spokane, WA

  • Last Month I Enjoyed My Best Month in a Very Long Time

    My practice had become stagnant, stressful and we weren’t growing. I joined Five Star and started making minor changes in my procedures. My practice started being fun again. Practice management is only as good as its results and last month, I enjoyed my best month in a very long time and have less overhead. Even in this economy we are on track to have our “Best Ever Year” and I Love IT! Thank you, Noel!

    - Dr. Patrick Lowe, DC, Louisville KY

  • 28 New Patient Sign Ups Before 7pm on my FIRST DAY with Five Star!

    I called Noel Lloyd just to check out Five Star and he challenged me to increase my practice by 25 visits a week my first month as a new Five Star client. I took the challenge, signed up with Five Star and called Noel for some action steps. Well, I got the action steps from Dr. Lloyd and put them to work that night. I had 28 new patient sign ups before 7 pm!

    - Dr. Bodie Dorrance, Henderson, NC

  • Not Only Changed My Practice, But Also Changed My Life…

    I can’t say enough about what Five Star and Dr. Noel Lloyd have taught me. It is not an exaggeration to say that they have not only changed my practice, but changed my life as well. I am literally and without a doubt a different person today as a result of Five Star.

    - Dr. Salima Manji, Toronto, ON

  • If you’re thinking about joining Five Star, do it!

    Do yourself a favor. In my many years of practice I’ve used different businesses coaches. Five Star Management is by far the best and the most cost effective. You owe it to yourself to give yourself that chance to make more money, have more fun, and see more people in your practice.

    - Dr. Lonna Denny, San Francisco, CA